Mission Statement

Eva is one smart cookie! We were always impressed by her insights, understanding and knowledge around the product and the market place.
-- Hari Sekhon, Big Data Architect


Eva oversaw several key product initiatives that were instrumental to the company's growth and product strategy.

-- Dennis Lyandres, EVP Sales 



Eva Andreasson
Founder & CEO

Innoeva expedites impact. We work with our clients with openness and efficiency to reinvent and align strategy, investments, and product design. We do not shy away from a  brutal truth if needed.

About Innoeva

Create the Future

Innoeva started as a personal initiative to give back to new entrepeneurs based on a value accrued over 20+ years experience in high-tech industry, big data, and the startup ecosystem of Silicon Valley and a journey that has allowed for creation of a wide global network of expert connections and partners in Fortune 2000 organizations.

The last five years we have established a proven process - with room for creativity - to form solid product & go to market strategies - and a high likelihood of success. 

Investments, Innovation & Consulting